Open Safely

Louisiana is now ready to move forward with opening businesses in a safe, phased-in approach.
The state’s Open Safely website allows you to register your business and your registration allows you to receive updated communication, notifications, and helpful guidance via email from the State Fire Marshal’s Office specific to your business type. These notifications will answer the important questions:
  • When can I partially or fully open my business?
  • What are the steps to open my business?
  • What changes can be expected for businesses that have been operating, but with restrictions?
  • What restrictions are my business subject to, if any?
  • Are there any new sanitation requirements for my business?
  • Are there any personal protective requirements (masks, gloves, etc.) for my employees?
To begin receiving notifications and guidance for safely opening or operating your business, visit the Open Safely website by clicking here,, and then on “Register Your Business.” You can also submit any concerns you may have about the safe opening or operation of other businesses by clicking “Register a Complaint.” State Fire Marshal field personnel will be assisting owners statewide with their business openings and safe operation.

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