Envision Downtown Broussard

A master plan for downtown Broussard has been unveiled recently. The City of Broussard’s initiative was brought together by city leaders, developers and residents during public meetings last June. Envision Broussard incorporates ideas to create a vision for a true city center that tackles infrastructure issues while encouraging economic activity. Officials hope that the reinvigorated Downtown area in Broussard will blend historical structures with new development, coax economic growth in the area, and connect Main Street to main thoroughfares in the area through sidewalks and bike lanes.

One of the earliest developers, Clifton Guidry, is ready to break ground on projects. “This is just the beginning,” Guidry said. “I’m hoping the community can have a place to gather and walk around, visit, have a drink or a nice little meal, listen to music. It would be nice to get people downtown to see the heritage that Broussard has.”


You can view the master plan for Envision Downtown Broussard here: C2266 – Downtown Broussard – 2020 02 28LR

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