Broussard Community Job Fair Recap

On March 10, 2022, the Broussard Economic Development Corporation partnered with the Broussard Chamber of Commerce to put on the first-ever Broussard Community Job Fair. Approximately one hundred job seekers came out to meet with the 28 employers who were looking to hire immediately (see list at In addition, over 170 follow-up interviews were scheduled, and nine job offers were made at the Job Fair.

One of the most significant challenges for small businesses is attracting skilled workers. This challenge is one that the BEDC and Broussard Chamber of Commerce were trying to ease. However, several benefits for employers and job seekers come with community job fairs.

For employers, job fairs are a great way to save time and money during the interview process. Instead of setting aside different interview times for days and possibly weeks to find the right candidate, you’ll come face to face with qualified potential candidates within a couple of hours. Job fairs are also a fantastic opportunity to network with other recruiters in the area and spread brand awareness.

When it comes to job seekers, the benefits of attending a job fair are practically endless. Meeting with employers face to face before applying is an invaluable asset when trying to find the right job. Not only will this opportunity allow a job seeker to better understand the culture and values of a company, but it will allow the job seeker to make a connection that could be extremely helpful in securing the job they are looking for. Similar to employers, networking with businesses is a great way to keep options open for future endeavors, even if you don’t apply this go-round.

The first annual Broussard Community Job Fair is crucial in helping local businesses grow and raising awareness of the charismatic community in Broussard, Louisiana. Being so close to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Broussard has access to the over 1,300 graduates that finish their degrees each semester.  As the annual Community Job Fair continues to grow, the Broussard Economic Development Corporation is excited to continue to connect graduates and other job seekers to the flourishing businesses in Broussard.


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