Shop Local During the Holiday Season

The most impactful gift you can give to the City of Broussard during the holiday season is shopping locally. When you choose to shop at a local retailer, you’re making a conscious decision to pour back into our community, fueling the growth and prosperity of Broussard. For every $100 you spend at a local establishment, $48 remains circulating within our local economy. In contrast, when you opt for big chain stores, only $14 of that amount stays local. The disparity is apparent, and the benefits of shopping locally are undeniable.

Local businesses have consistently demonstrated their commitment to the community by donating to local causes at a rate double that of their chain store counterparts. When you support these local establishments with your purchases, you’re indirectly bolstering the funds they can allocate to various community initiatives. Shopping at local businesses translates to reduced infrastructure costs, decreased maintenance expenses, and increased funds that can be channeled toward community beautification projects.

In an age where online shopping is prevalent, spending locally ensures that your sales taxes are directed where they should be – right back into our community. This act supports local businesses and guarantees that Broussard thrives and flourishes. In essence, when you shop locally, you’re not just buying a product or service but investing in Broussard’s future. Let’s come together this holiday season and make a difference!

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