Sax Condominiums Have Begun Construction

The construction of the Sax Condominiums in Downtown Broussard has begun! Originally, this project was slated to be built sometime in late 2019/early 2020, but this obviously did not happen. Instead, construction has begun in Jan 2022 with the overall scope of the project being smaller than originally intended. That being said, the goal of the build remains the same. The namesake of the Sax is one Illinois Jacquet, a local saxophone player born in Broussard a 100 years ago.

Originally, the condos were meant to be comprised of 4 floors with 30 units in total. The current plans instead has the plan being 2 floors with 11 units. However, the honoring of Jacquet is staying at the centerpiece. A statue of Jacquet will be located in the courtyard, surround by around the clock Jazz music.

The ballpark completion date stands at July 2022.

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