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If you’ve heard any piece of local news lately, you’ve probably heard of the Retail Ready Initiative. This program, which is exclusive to Broussard, identifies and designates properties of five acres and more significant that are shovel-ready and suitable for new retail investments and commercial developments. The initiative is a collaboration among the City of Broussard, the Lafayette Economic Development Authority (LEDA), and the Broussard Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) to identify strategically located sites that are then expedited for restaurant and retail development.

At the Broussard Economic Development Corporation, we want to make investing in Broussard even easier. This is why we’ve launched the Retail Ready website, which lists detailed information about each Retail Ready Zone, including relevant property and zoning details, available incentives, and demographic information. Each of the five retail ready sites has a linked PDF where potential investors can see the details of the site.

Newly reelected mayor of Broussard, Ray Bourque, commented, “Broussard is blazing the path to attracting large and small businesses to our community. Our Retail Ready Initiative is extremely attractive to developers interested in serving small businesses, specifically retail markets. When Broussard can demonstrate that land is ready for development and we take a proactive stance in collecting relevant information on each property to attract business investment, that encourages investment in our great city. New businesses create jobs, jobs stimulate the economy, and a strong economy attracts new residents creating growth — and the cycle continues.”

For more information on Broussard’s retail ready sites, feel free to check out our user-friendly page at

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