PJs Coffee, Little Caesars to Open Locations in Broussard

Broussard is home to a world-class workforce and we’re excited to share that PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans and Little Caesars will both be opening new locations in our city. Little Caesars will be joining the new C’est Jolie Shopping center located at 481 Albertson Parkway, and PJ’s Coffee will be opening inside the new Country View Center located at 1137 S. Bernard Road.

Little Caesars will join Emmy’s Ice Cream Bar as tenants of the new center. Construction on this new location just started and is estimated to be completed in 1-2 months.

PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans will be opening inside the new Country View Center next to Fat Pat’s at 1137 S. Bernard Road and Ambassador Caffery. According to Developing Lafayette, construction is underway at this new location and they estimate it to be completed and opened within the next month.


Read More: PJ’s Coffee & Little Caesars Coming Soon to Broussard/Younsgville | https://999ktdy.com/pjs-coffee-little-caesars-coming-soon-to-broussardyounsgville-area/?fbclid=IwAR2tSQP4CkDWrT0OR4oxhZDUeAGKQcfa3IBteVADkXnGsswaHhZpT1CxtbQ&utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

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