French Table at the Valsin House

French roots have long been ingrained in the history of Broussard. When the French migrated from France to Canada, they were considered Acadians. Amongst this group was “Beausoleil” Broussard who led the first 200 Acadians from Nova Scotia to Louisiana where they became known as Cajuns. Beausoleil’s direct descendent, Valsin Broussard, was a prominent merchant and the namesake of Broussard when it was established as a town in 1884.

Many residents of the area have family members that exclusively or fluently speak French or a cajun version of it. The City of Broussard understands the importance of educating the youth on the extensive role that French culture has played in the rich history of Broussard. For starters, we want the French language to remain at the forefront of our community culture. To accomplish this, the City of Broussard puts on the French Table at the Valsin Broussard House on the second Friday of each month. At this event, Marie Ducote with Cajun Food Tours leads the discussion. The event is beneficial for fluent speakers and those who are just starting their journey with the beautiful French language.

This free event will be held again on July 8, 2022, from 8:30 to 10 a.m. Although reservations are not necessary, more information can be found by visiting or by calling (337)445-3478. We hope to see you there!

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