Certified Sites in Broussard

Are you looking for prime locations to establish or expand your business operations? Look no further than the certified sites in Broussard, LA. These shovel-ready properties offer many benefits, providing businesses with a competitive edge and a pathway to success.

Located in the heart of Broussard, the AC Commercial Site spans 44.9 acres and is primed for commercial development. With its strategic location and ample acreage, this site allows businesses to create tailored spaces that meet their specific needs. From manufacturing facilities to distribution centers, the AC Commercial Site can accommodate a variety of industries.

The Girouard Site, encompassing 32 acres, is another attractive option for businesses looking to establish a presence in Broussard. This site benefits from excellent access to transportation networks and essential amenities. Its expansive acreage and strategic location make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking growth and expansion opportunities.

The Martial Farms Site offers 32.5 acres of prime industrial or commercial real estate in Broussard. With its proximity to key transportation routes and infrastructure, this site is well-suited for manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing operations. Businesses can capitalize on the site’s infrastructure readiness and streamline their development process, ensuring a smooth transition to full-scale operations.

Spanning 33.4 acres, the Maxie and Vida Girouard Site presents businesses with a unique opportunity to establish a foothold in Broussard’s thriving business community. With its robust infrastructure and flexible zoning options, this site offers endless possibilities for businesses seeking to innovate and grow.

The Loul’s Landing Site is a sprawling 64.8-acre property offering unparalleled potential for businesses looking to make their mark in Broussard. With its expansive acreage and strategic location, this site is ideal for large-scale industrial developments. Companies can capitalize on the site’s proximity to major transportation routes and the region’s growing economy.

These certified sites in Broussard provide companies with a gateway to success in a dynamic and thriving business environment. With their strategic locations, robust infrastructure, and streamlined development processes, these shovel-ready properties offer endless opportunities for growth and expansion. Whether you’re in manufacturing, distribution, or logistics, Broussard’s certified sites provide the perfect foundation for building a prosperous future. Learn more about our certified sites by visiting https://developbroussard.com/certifiedsites/.

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