2024 Developer/Commercial Realtor Luncheon

The Broussard Economic Development Corporation would like you to join us for the Developer/Commercial Realtor Luncheon on Tuesday, February 20th, from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm, at The Ballroom of Broussard.

One of the key benefits of attending a developer/commercial realtor luncheon is the opportunity to network with other industry professionals. These events offer a chance to meet and connect with potential business partners, investors, and clients. Attendees can also learn from other professionals in the industry, share their experiences, and get advice on their projects and investments.

This event also offers a great opportunity to learn about the continuous growth in the Broussard area while enjoying a complimentary lunch. Notable speakers will share their insights, including Broussard Mayor Ray Bourque and LEDA President and CEO Mandi Mitchell.
Event Registration: https://bit.ly/3RMqQLV

Check out the agenda here: https://bit.ly/48ndD3f

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