Property certifications for Broussard Landowners to increase their property’s marketability

Property certifications for Broussard Landowners to increase their property’s marketability

The City of Broussard continues to strive to capture opportunities for diverse, long-term economic growth. With incentives from the Federal, State, & Local governments, building in Broussard has its advantages to respond to the demands of site selectors and incoming businesses.

Among programs established to establish or grow your business in Broussard, LA, The Broussard Economic Development Center works alongside Louisiana Economic Development to provide advantage to Broussard Landowners to increase their property’s marketability to potential investors. Certified Sites through Louisiana Economic Development are development-ready industrial sites who have been granted certification following rigorous inspection through the LED and an independent, 3rd party engineering firm.

“Economic developers have found that the timeframe for making business location decisions has shortened and companies are becoming much more risk-averse. When a company makes a decision to build a new facility, they look for a site that is ready to develop and relatively risk free.” (LED Website)

LED certification is granted after an extensive application process and exhaustive review. Specific site details, such as zoning restrictions, title work, environmental studies, soil analysis and surveys, are assessed for compliance and authenticity. The benefits of certification include official acknowledgement of a site’s suitability and readiness and entities are seeing improved success in the site selection process.

“LED is assisting communities throughout Louisiana to identify and certify industrial sites as development-ready. Communities can propose a certified site to their clients confident of the site’s availability and suitability. Certified sites offer the additional advantage of ensuring that the client’s construction is more likely to remain on schedule.” (LED website)


Advantages of LED Certified Sites:

  • Development ready
  • Substantial due diligence completed
  • Significant site information gathered and documented
  • Independent third-party engineering review
  • Uncertainty and potential obstacles eliminated through enhanced site knowledge
  • More competitive
  • Greater marketability
  • Granted priority in site proposals


Here at the Broussard Economic Development Center, our advisors specialize in incentive and workforce training programs and would be happy to answer questions about available programs or meet with your business to determine how your company can benefit.

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