GFT Academy Opens in Broussard

GFT Academy is a newly opened indoor soccer arena, located at 1090 Petroleum Parkway in Broussard, LA.

The new local soccer academy is created & designed by Catahoula native, Dylan Boudreaux. Boudreaux has coached soccer at a variety of schools, including Cathedral Carmel, Comeaux High School, and Deanna Bostick. It was also during this time when Boudreaux began Goals For Tots, LLC, an enrichment program dedicated to providing soccer training to schools and daycares.

Boudreaux noticed that the toddlers he taught would go on to schools where programs were either lacking or nonexistent. Boudreaux’s goal with the GFT Academy is to provide a place where children and teens can play soccer indoors. Additionally, the academy will offer a place for children to experience the game outside of school.

The academy opened at the start of the new year and the first season will begin in the near future.

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