Finding a Silver Lining in COVID-19—5 Opportunities During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has brought communities across the nation to a halt as social distancing measure have been established to flatten the curve of this fast-spreading virus. Schools are closed, the US is spending billions on stimulus relief, and unemployment rates are predicted to soar higher than the Great Depression. Here in Broussard, and everywhere else, our fears of the uncertainty have been triggered.

While this situation is indeed saddening & scary, we have to remain hopeful and optimistically prepared to come out of this in the best possible place. Considering the basic premise of the SWOT analysis, the balance of business reminds us that although there are threats and weakness all around us, there are strengths and opportunities to be found as well. Let’s discuss 5 general opportunities that include the majority of businesses & individuals affected by the crisis.

  1. More time. There is not one soul among us who has never wished for more time. We’ve all built lives loaded with obligations for commitments like work, social gatherings, festivals, bars, travel and sports. In a matter of weeks, our calendars have all dried up—but life has managed to continue despite the lack of occasions to attend. This is a lesson that for many industries, it is possible to make time. Re-arrange how you & your team spend your time and reserve time for recovery.
  2. Isn’t the latest innovation amazing? If your business has struggled to adjust communications & operations to meet the CDCs guidelines, you may have been one of many entities behind on the times. COVID-19 has forced many of us into new systems and technologies. Thanks to this sudden shift, we now have new tools to maintain after the pandemic crisis has passed.
  3. Better communication. COVID-19 has made us really rethink how we host & participate in meetings. Not only are we connecting within our organizational structures more effectively, we’ve been presented with an opportunity to make changes to our overall communicative effectiveness. Now, we have the time to prioritize our needs and address all the things that are usually rolled over to next meeting’s business.
  4. Reconnect with our community. The late Coretta Scott King once said, “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” While tight knit, the community of Broussard has truly showcased its resilience & benevolence. Many businesses have discovered new ways to connect with and help people. The good that your business has done for its community and its employees will be remembered long after this pandemic has ended.
  5. Sense of moderation & adaptability. The final and arguably greatest opportunity that the Coronavirus pandemic has present us is the chance to persevere in a situation that we have no control over. Instead of bowing under the weight of changes that would have brought them to the brink of failure, businesses are instead adapting and operating in a new “normal.” Consider the ways you have adjusted your operations to adapt to your circumstances, and plan as to how those new changes could benefit you in the long run.

If you look for the bad in a situation, you will absolutely find it. Luckily, the same goes for the positive. Aim to find the good in the opportunities around you, and you will find yourself in a more favorable position that you imagined.



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