Find The Perfect Team In Broussard

We often brag about our “world class workforce” here in Broussard, LA. It’s more than a claim and we’ll tell you why. The people of Broussard and surrounding Acadiana believe in success built through education, hard work, and dedication. We can introduce you to a workforce that is eager and capable of meeting the demands of your business and are ready to help you find the people you need.


A right-to-work state for over 30 years, Louisiana is ranked in the Top 10 for lowest rates of private workforce unionization. We are also home to LED FastStart, the #1 state workforce development program in the country, which creates customized workforce recruitment, screening and training solutions.


Broussard has a civilian labor force of around 12,125. A highly-educated workforce is emerging as more students are enrolling and graduating from the local university and community college. Local businesses are also taking advantage of development and training programs to educate and enhance the skills of their new and existing employees.


In order to adequately train your labor force, here’s some programs that can assist you in training your workforce. Broussard, LA and Lafayette Parish have a knack for producing an innovative, energized workforce thanks to the unmatched workforce training programs and education opportunities offered in our region. In fact, businesses in the region were awarded more than $2.6 million in workforce training contracts in fiscal year 2019-2020.


The Broussard Economic Development Corporation can make our many resources available to you and can assure you that you are bound to find a wide-range of potential employees to recruit.

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