Fat Pat’s Bar & Grill to Open in Broussard Fall 2020

Family-owned and operated Fat Pat’s Bar & Grill is set to open their first franchise location at 6925 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy in Broussard this fall.

In January 2007 Fat Pat‘s Bar and Grill open their doors for the first time. Family owned and operated, Fat Pat’s strives to ensure delicious food and a family-friendly atmosphere in the Acadiana community. So who is “Fat Pat?” Back in the early days of the restaurant, Fat Pat’s was staffed with family, like many small businesses. One of the cooks went by the nickname “Fat Pat” and it fit the restaurant’s motto “Never trust a skinny cook!” The name stuck, and Fat Pat‘s Bar and Grill now has four restaurants, and its newest location poised to open in Broussard this fall.

Fat Pat’s is looking for members to join their team–apply here https://fatpatsbarandgrill.com/careers/

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