Expanding to Broussard is a Treat, Not a Trick

October is when all things spooky thrive, and the Halloween frenzy is almost tangible. But not everything is spooky during the spooky season in Broussard, namely expanding your business into Broussard. With various resources and economic advantages at your disposal, you’ll quickly learn that expanding to Broussard is a treat, not a trick.

At the Broussard Economic Development Corporation, we know that owners look for a few different things when expanding their business. For this reason, we have helped foster a world-class workforce, an integrated transportation network, a diversified business base, and a hometown appeal in the city of Broussard, and that’s not even to mention that there are no property taxes within the city limits.

Let’s start by expanding on our world-class workforce before you expand your business to Broussard. Currently, 65.9% of Broussard citizens are at or above the working age, giving you a large and experienced pool to hire from. With a local university and community college, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and South Louisiana Community College, a highly educated workforce is emerging in Broussard as more students are enrolling in these local options and opting to stay in the area after graduation. There is also a vast population of students from out of town and state that find a home in Broussard after they graduate. Recently, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette was deemed an R1 university, an accolade given to only the top 3% of research universities in the nation.

The city of Broussard is already home to a diverse group of businesses, but there’s always room for more. Our business base currently consists of construction, manufacturing, wholesale trade, oil and gas, retail trade, health care, real estate, rentals and leasing, accommodation and food services, professional services, transportation, and warehousing companies. Broussard is also the only city in the state that has a Retail Ready Program. This program, which now consists of three zones and five sites, is dedicated to identifying strategically located sites that are then expedited for restaurant and retail development. More information about these sites can be found at http://developbroussard.com/retailready.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, the city of Broussard also has an accomplished Chamber of Commerce that works tirelessly to promote and grow the local businesses in the community. In 2021, the Broussard Chamber of Commerce was honored as the LACCE Chamber of the Year for their local efforts. President and CEO Stacy Romero also participates in the Leadership Louisiana Program to learn how she can better help Broussard’s businesses succeed. The city of Broussard also has many popular business incentives and programs to help companies expand to Broussard, including LED FastStart, Restoration Tax Abatement, STEP Grant, CEO Roundtables, Mentor-Protege Recognition Program, and more. Visit www.opportunitylouisiana.com/business-incentives to learn about these and other programs available.

If you’re ready to expand your business to Broussard or if you have more questions about how Broussard is the best place for your business, feel free to reach out to the Broussard Economic Development Corporation or take a look at our economic profile at http://developbroussard.com/city-of-broussard/.

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