Broussard Drainage Reports for 2020 Storm Season

June 1st marked the beginning of hurricane season, and as we know all too well, these storms can bring not only damaging winds but also flooding rains. Drainage has been a top priority for Mayor Ray Bourque and the Broussard City Council, and our city engineers and public works department have been working to plan and implement drainage improvements throughout the city. Even with the challenges of early 2020, it is still important that we focus on achievable goals that benefit our community.

The map below indicates channels being studied (in green), construction underway (in red), and projects that have been completed since August 2016 (in dark blue). The $1.1M Ridgeview Outfall drainage project was completed in April 2020, followed by Cypress Bayou Lateral 2B. Our crews are currently cleaning silt plugs along Cypress Bayou and are continually maintaining various ditches throughout Broussard. Total drainage improvements since 2016 total more than $3 million.

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