4 Reasons to Relocate to Broussard

Are you looking for a change for your business, or want to expand out to somewhere new? Broussard, LA is an excellent fit for whichever need you have.

Excellent Training Resources for Workers
For one, Broussard has a plethora of workforce training and specialization programs. In the 2019-2020 fiscal year alone, Broussard was awarded $2.6 million in training contracts. On top of that, there are local colleges and a university that produce a wide range of potential employees. You would also have access to LED FastStart, an award-winning workforce development program specialized in several types of businesses. All that to say, relocating to Broussard ensures that you will have plenty of quality employees at your disposal.

Strong Community Spirit
Now there’s no mistaking it, Broussard is a smaller town than a Houston or a New Orleans, but who said we need to be one of those. While Broussard is growing in size and scope, it is still true to its small-town roots. And if you’ve been to a small town, you know that everyone takes care of each other. From fellow business owners to consumers, everyone here has the “all for one” mentality. Moving here means you will be a part of a community that will look after you. After all, a rising tide raises all ships.

Business Friendly Taxes
Now to the brass tax, we want your business. To help incentivize you, Louisiana has plenty of tax credits and tax exemptions for new businesses. We offer this for a variety of businesses too, from live performance productions to manufacturing productions we have a considerable amount of tax breaks available to you.

Location Location Location
Finally, let’s talk about why Broussard is located in a perfect spot for your business. Broussard possesses an integrated transportation network, meaning it is positioned next to several major roadways that thousands of people use every day. It’s also adjacent to a major city center: Lafayette. This means more traffic coming through and more potential consumers for your business while still maintaining that appeal of a hometown.
We’ve talked about a few of the reasons why Broussard would be perfect for relocation for your business. However, if you’re still not convinced or you have some questions check out our Business Relocation or Business Expansion pages for more info.

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